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October 15, 2020

Thoughts from a few Canadian Lumber Ambassadors of Purchasing Cannabis in Canada.

Canadian Lumber asked their ambassadors how they feel about purchasing cannabis in Canada. They shed some light on their experiences with buying cannabis in different areas across Canada.


” 50 Shades of Grey”



I’m Jynx and a “new” smoker – but you’d never guess by my joints 😉


I’m Kraig Bates! I’m working on my marketing degree, and I’m also passionate about helping the cannabis industry develop in Canada.

Canadian 420 Vibes

New Brunswick Represent!

Question 1: 

Tell us how you feel purchasing in cannabis has come along in the past 2 years?


From the perspective of the grey market, purchasing cannabis has become easier with flourishing new MoM (mail order marijuana) sites. Finding the highest quality cannabis in the legacy market, however, has become increasingly difficult and in many cases, can only be found in limited quantities or via private clubs and collectives. grey market prices for “mids” (not ditch weed but not known for quality, either) have come down considerably in price and “trips” (better than mids but not quite a “quad”) have remained affordable. “quads” or “boutique cannabis” prices have increased considerably and finding true quads or better has become increasingly challenging.

Being engaged on social media and engaging these top grey market growers helps the average consumer access these retail channels. having personal contacts or a network that works directly with these top growers and distributors affords those seeking the best in the legacy market greater access to the best weed in Canada.


Having only purchased cannabis since it was legalized, it definitely had a shift in that small window frame. I Feel like a. Prices are getting better compared to the grey market – better competition, and also, from my experience working in a dispensary, the quality is on the up.


I feel Canada as placed them self in the number spot for cannabis market by making the prices right and learning how to growing quality!


It’s been great! There are more options and information available now than ever.

Question 2:

What is your favourite part about purchasing cannabis in Canada? 


I enjoy the vetting process for new entrants that come hard out of the gates. we are seeing an explosion in creativity and content in grey market branding. just because a bag looks pretty or has some badass branding doesn’t mean what is in the bag is anywhere near as impressive.

I enjoy vetting through social media by viewing posts and stories from both the brand and their current base of advocates. in some cases, you can immediately uncover those brands that sell the sizzle but fuck up the steak when it’s obvious their cannabis has been treated with PGRs (plant growth regulators – aka “roids”). In some cases, I am given the opportunity to trial or sample these new brands.

In some of those cases, I’ve turned down partnerships based solely on the direction of their branding (using outdated stigmas to brand themselves, using subtle or overt misogyny, and in cases where entirely male-owned outfits use derogatory imagery of women to promote their brand to other men) as this does not align with my branding nor my personal views. I’ve also turned down partnerships due to obvious quality concerns related to their growing practices. once I find a suitable partner, my favourite thing about purchasing their cannabis is oftentimes receiving my tracking number.

I love the anticipation of knowing that I have a package coming filled with Canada’s top grey market cannabis.

Probably, as a graphic designer and marketing specialist, the branding of it all and the direction LPs have chosen to go.
I like the people who work in the industry! They’re almost always relaxed and fun!
The vast variety of brands!!!

Question 3:

Do you have a routine purchase? Is there a special brand or company that stands out?


My strongest partner on the grey market is prohibition farms with over two years of experience working with their management team and having a personal relationship with their growers. my shelves are always filled with their l.a. kush cake, red congo, MAC1, cream pie, and soon, flue gas when it drops in October 2020.

Space bros is another brand I stand behind being the “terp hunter” I am. they have never failed to amaze my olfactory senses with every bag I’ve cracked. They also boast some of the most impressive and sought after brands in the grey. This is one brand I can attest to where the cannabis inside the bag rivals or trumps the exceptional branding on the outside. their snozzberries quickly became one of my top strains of 2020. holy terps is a small, private cannabis club that accepts new members by personal referrals only. after having followed their chief executive toker for years on Instagram, holy terps has never failed to impress.

I refer to holy terps as an “omikase” in cannabis – whereby I would gladly throw them $500 and allow them to curate a package for me. given I usually buy every single strain they list, I’ve never had to pull that card. because of their small-batch approach, many of my favourite strains are not routinely available but I can’t say enough about their sour diesel phenos, Miley Biker, and cream d’ mint.

Beyond that, I have been fortunate enough to be given a seat at some very small tables with passionate home growers, most out of Ontario. These individuals know that I am good for a substantial order of their passion-grown strains when they chop, some that can’t be found anywhere on the grey or regulated markets in Canada. ever tried a khalifa menthol cross, unquestionably one of the most robust terpene profiles around? or rainbow belts, a layered bouquet of floral and pepper terps? I’d buy a pound if they’d let me.

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No Comment.


I order a lot from all the websites on s7daw


Roughly every 2-3 weeks we place a large order from a local Seller.

Question 4: What kind of cannabis do you buy, Flower, Vape, Oil? Why?


I buy flower because it’s the best way to use cannabis pure flowers are unbeatable in effect and taste!


I prefer dried flower; it’s most easily consumable, whether at home or on the go!


Mainly flower with a few dab options every once and a while.
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Flower Preferance


Always flower. I’ve been consuming cannabis now for over 26 years. In 1994, we had no clue what vaping was and if someone squished my $15 gram between two heated plates, I’d have popped the cassette tape adaptor into the slot in my station wagon and blasted “get in the ring” before punching them in the throat.

Obviously, I have a better grasp on what rosin is in 2020 but when you had an only flower to choose from (i use the word “choose” lightly) and maybe a bit of hash, you attach yourself to your roots. when the only vehicle you had was a pack of papers, a pipe, or a pop can, you become attached to “the old ways”. I no longer use pop cans (rarely a pipe, to be honest), but rolling a joint will never take a back seat to other forms and methods.

Patrick Vandermeulen

Patrick Vandermeulen

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