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We believe in an approach that focuses on people to build a strong community of customers and business partners. This paired with all natural papers, accessories and apparel for the mindful smoker.





To accommodate today’s Mindful Smoker, we have developed a rolling paper trio that is sure to satisfy. All of the three paper types that we have created are completely all natural. While each of them have a distinct burn, feel and quality. Our three types of paper are The Greens, The Woods and The Hippy.

Each paper blend has unique characteristics and, in keeping with our Canadian values, all of our rolling paper products are 100% all natural. We keep our papers unrefined to keep the plant fibres intact. A natural product such as cannabis deserves a natural rolling paper made with additive free ingredients such as our Arabic gum seal. We want our Mindful Smokers to be at ease so they can get the most out of their smoking experience.

THREE Rolling paper Blends

Experience all three of the unique pulp blends that we have created with the variety pack. Each of our three paper types include: The Greens, The Woods & The Hippy.

The Greens are all natural unrefined hemp. The unrefined hemp fibres remain intact, and are extremely clear in this paper. The hemp plant naturally absorbs moisture. As a result, The Greens are our slowest burning paper. The unrefined fibres help to even out the burn and keep the paper rigid.

The Woods are unrefined, all-natural wood pulp. For the smoker who enjoys a thin, yet durable paper. Our process allows for the natural brown colour of the raw wood to come through in the papers without adding dyes or chemicals. The intact fibres make this paper durable and allow for it to keep its natural brown colour.

The Hippy is a combination of all natural flax and hemp. This blend of pulp yields a similar composition to a rice paper. Soft to the touch, while avoiding the bleach and refinement that often comes with white rice. The Hippy has a slight texture that increases the ease of rolling.



At Canadian Lumber, we are proud of the relationships we have built. From corner shops and small retailers to large international distributors. We cherish the unique characteristics of each business. We have compiled a list of resources that you and your team can use for education, content, sales support and more. You can easily access all of these resources on the new webpage we have created just for you. Interested in more materials for you or your business? Please reach out here!

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At Canadian Lumber, we don’t just aim to sell high quality, all natural rolling papers and accessories. We want to build a community of Mindful Smokers. We know that cannabis is a special product. As a result, it needs to be handled responsibly to get the best outcome. But there are few regulations in the rolling paper industry. Because of this, most people are not aware of all the harmful ingredients found in some of the most common papers. We at Canadian Lumber believe that the mindful smoker should not have to put themselves at risk in order to consume. Especially when it comes to a versatile product such as cannabis.

As a Canadian brand we want to help to raise the standards in the rolling paper industry. Canada is a pioneer in the field of cannabis. So we think that it is more than important to set a standard for quality in an unregulated industry.  We regularly test our papers to ensure the quality and, above all, the safe consumption of all our paper products. So you can be confident in what you consume and know what it is.

 A key part of our mission here is to help build the connections between educated, safe and mindful cannabis enthusiasts around the world. We strive to create an informed and happy network of customers, retailers and distributors within the industry. To find out more about our brand and what we are doing to achieve this. You can follow us @Cdnlumber.

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