Pre-rolled Cone Mini Towers


All Natural Pre-Rolled Cone Mini Towers

Canadian Lumber all natural pre-rolled cones now come in Mini Towers, each mini tower containing 100 pre-rolled cones. Our cone towers come in three sizes: Small 84/26 | Med 98/26 | Large 109/26. To Kick things off we've launched these mini towers using our slowest burning papers, the Greens. The Greens are made of 100% all natural, unrefined, and unbleached hemp with a GSM of 13. In addition we are now manufacturing our pre-rolled cones in France.

Canadian Lumber Pre-rolled Cones come with an axe printed filter made using soy ink. We've used a folded W style filter tip, ideal for air flow while holding your material in place. Additionally, each size is designed to hold a certain amount of your material, allowing you to choose the size thats right for you based off your personal preference. For example, our medium size cones have a total length of 98mm and a 26mm filter, so you have a full 1.25 paper to fill and consume.

Small - 84/26: designed to hold 0.5 gram.

Medium - 98/26: designed to hold 0.7 gram.

Large - 109/26: designed to hold 1 full gram.A

Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers are all-natural, unrefined, and unbleached. Allowing for a quality, smooth experience. Every element of our rolling papers is completely all natural. We've even replaced the glue seal with an Arabic Gum Seal; triple distilled tree sap sourced from a conflict free region in West Africa. Sealed with 2.3mm adhesive line. Created for the Mindful Smoker, we're bringing you as close to the raw material as you can get.

Paper Type:

The Greens are made from all-natural, unrefined, and unbleached hemp. The hemp plant naturally holds moisture, as a result, the Greens are Canadian Lumber's slowest burning paper. The unrefined hemp fibres remain intact, and are extremely clear in this paper. In addition, the unrefined fibres help to even out the burn, allowing for a naturally smooth and even burn.


Quality Control:

We regularly test our papers for allergens & impurities to ensure the quality, and more importantly the safe consumption of all our paper products. Tested at Canada's University of Guelph for allergens, and European TUV SUD certified for product ingredients. So you can be confident in the quality, and safety of all our paper products. You can see the latest test results for yourself on our website.
At Canadian Lumber we are always looking for ways to improve on our products. Let us know what you think, or how we can improve by reaching out to us below!


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Additional information

Weight 68.04 g
Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 20.5 cm

Small 84/26, Med 98/26, Large 109/26


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