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Canadian Lumber cannabis accessories and apparel, a Canadian rolling paper company with Canadian values

Canada is the first federalized nation in the world to legalize cannabis, so naturally, we also have the highest cannabis consumption per capita in the world. With cultivation commencing in North America around 1607, in our very own home province of Nova Scotia, it’s obvious that we are deeply rooted in the Cannabis industry. 


Canadian Lumber ltd. is a cannabis accessory product brand that provides high quality, all-natural tools for storing, preparing, and consuming smokable products. Canadian Lumber’s bread and butter is our natural rolling paper trifecta – The Hippy, The Greens, and The Woods – which are some of the most certified products on the rolling paper market and have been designed with the Mindful Smoker in mind. 


By conducting all customer, retailer, and distributor interactions with open communication, Canadian Lumber is able to provide the correct products, pricing, and customer service experience to each and every member of our valued partner network. 


As Mindful Smokers ourselves, we are concerned about customer health and safety just as much as they are – that’s why we have sought out end-to-end certifications, conducted third-party testing, and developed a vetted quality assurance program. We work hard to make sure Canadian Lumber not only represents what we believe in, but what all Canadians believe in: Honesty, Responsibility, and Quality. 


Canadian Lumber Ltd. began operations in 2017 and has exclusive contracts with multiple government-run and privately-owned dispensaries. We have sales in 31 US states and a global presence that stretches as far as Australia. Not only are Canadian Lumber rolling paper, cannabis accessory, and apparel lines premium products, but we are rapidly becoming the go-to brand for the Canadian cannabis consumer’s kit – Mindful Smokers unite!

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