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The Canadian Way 

Here at Canadian Lumber pride ourselves on taking full advantage of the natural fibres in the different plant materials to create a paper that when it burns you are not burning chemicals.  We have acquired an international certification and done over 17 different tests at Guelph University in Ontario to ensure our all-natural papers meet Canadian standards.


Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia we have been able to build a small team that reaches across Canada with Convenience stores, Licence Producers, Crown Corporation Dispensaries, Headshops, Private and Franchised Dispensaries, and many more odds and ends like local tattoo artists and barbers!  We have an ever-growing community of ambassadors, influencers, and affiliates joining our diverse Lumber family.

Canadian Lumber Greens in Hemp Leaves
Canadian Lumber All natural Pre-Rolled Cones, what are you burning?


Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers are tested and internationally certified all-natural rolling papers. We focus on improving our industry with affordable high-quality products backed by tests, certifications, and customer feedback. Canadian Lumber – for the Mindful Smoker. 

The mindful smoker cares about their cannabis. Why use a chemical-filled paper when you’re smoking that good-good organic green? Get the most out of your experience by trusting a company owned and operated by consumers. We care about what we produce and consume.

Get the cleanest and purest rolling papers for your consumers – Mindful Smokers

Community and industry working TOGETHER

We love our retailers, and distributors and work with them to make sure we are supporting them in every way we can. From custom displays to in-store sessions with staff and/or customers, we want to make sure you have the tools to supply your community.




Check out some of our diverse community from artists to hard-working individuals within local communities. We here at Canadian Lumber believe in supporting one another, especially within industry and communities.

How can we help support each other?

Weeed_Ja and one of the Stolbie Sisters enjoying some fantastically rolled Canadian Lumber out on the west coast of Canada!

Canadian Lumber Ltd. laser-etched wooden sign with emblazoned double ax logo, Canada’s top cannabis accessory brand

Retail Marketing

Ask about what resources we have for assisting your sales staff and displays that will WOW your customers! 

Tweed Canadian Lumber, a business partnership between two leading brands in the Cannabis and accessories industries

Product Knowledge Session

Get a live session with one of our product experts. Learn about the accessories industry and Canadian Lumbers all-natural rolling papers.

Canadian Lumber Cannabis Accessories and Apparel Brand for the Mindful Smoker

Talk to our Team!

We believe in being extremely open and working together. Let us know if you have any issues, comments, or questions. We are here for you.

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