All Natural Bulk Cones for Licensed Producers

Welcome to the Canadian Lumber page for Licensed Producers! Canadian Lumber produces All Natural Bulk Pre-rolled Cones for a number of Licensed Producers across Canada and the United States. Our Bulk Cones for Pre-rolls have been internationally tested and certified so you can be confident in the quality, and more importantly the safety of all our Rolling Paper Products.

 If you are a Licensed Producer who is interested in using Canadian Lumber all natural bulk pre-rolled cones for your pre-rolls this is the spot for you. We have a variety of information and resources to get you started on this page. Please let us know your interest by filling out one of the forums below, we would love to hear from you and get the process rolling!

When you smoke, you don’t want to taste the paper- you want to taste what’s inside the cone. Since the beginning our focus has been to develop a paper as thin as possible while keeping durability. We’ve achieved this by producing an unrefined pulp, and by leaving the plant fibres intact to keep the strength and structural support in the paper. Nature Knows best.

Our paper is TUV SUD* tested and certified, which ensure that the only thing in in our papers are our natural ingredient(s) and the all natural gum seal. We also do a full spectrum allergen testing in Ontario at the University of Guelph. All of the result from these tests are available for everyone to see on our website and can be found below. We do this because we want and are setting a new standard for quality and transparency in the industry. 

As a premium product Canadian Lumber has:
– Only natural ingredient for all of our pulp varieties
– Adhesive strip is all natural gum (more below) 
– All orders are individually labeled with lot number for traceability 
– Quality control process and documentation available for inspection 
– TUV SUD certified for product ingredients verifying no impurities

If you’re looking to use Canadian Lumber Bulk Cones for your pre-rolls, or would like to learn more, please fill out the form below to get connected with member of our team!


Canadian Lumber has received a TUV SUD Certificate; a process synonymous with quality and safety.

The German certification label and test report demonstrate a business’ commitment to providing quality, safety, and sustainability to their consumer base. The TUV certification instils confidence in mindful customers like ours – people who have come to associate Canadian Lumber rolling papers with a premium, natural product.

setting a standard for quality in an unregulated industry.

Canadian Lumber believes that the modern mindful smoker shouldn’t have to put themselves at risk to consume, especially when a versatile product like Cannabis is involved. Our products are not only internationally certified, but they’ve been stringently tested by the top agriculture research institution in Canada, the University of Guelph. With +18 tests performed on each paper type, we are more than confident in the quality and safety of our rolling papers.

Canadian Lumber Greens in Hemp Leaves
Canadian Lumber All natural Pre-Rolled Cones, what are you burning?


Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers are tested and internationally certified all-natural rolling papers. We focus on improving our industry with affordable high-quality products backed by tests, certifications, and customer feedback. Canadian Lumber – for the Mindful Smoker. 

The mindful smoker cares about their cannabis. Why use a chemical-filled paper when you’re smoking that good-good organic green? Get the most out of your experience by trusting a company owned and operated by consumers. We care about what we produce and consume.

Get the cleanest and purest rolling papers for your consumers – Mindful Smokers

Published results keep us honest. Download here:

Acacia gum seal

Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers are completely all natural, even down to the sustainably sourced Arabic Gum used for the seal,

The all natural Arabic Gum is similar to tree sap and comes from a conflict-free region in West Africa, providing our rolling papers with a strong seal.  Our rolling papers are unbleached and unrefined, providing a product with visible, intact fibres within each and every paper. 

The result? A natural, even, and slow burn. 




The Woods are made from 100% natural wood pulp. The slim and unrefined wood fibres allow these rolling papers to be pressed into the thinnest of our exclusive product line. Our process brings out the natural brown colour of the wood pulp in the papers, leaving a brown tint without dyes, bleaches, or added chemicals.


– All-natural wood pulp
– Arabic gum seal 
– Available in sizes: 84/26 , 98/26 , 109/26 
– One of the thinnest wood-based papers on the market
– Natural brown colour


The Greens are made from 100% unrefined, unbleached hemp. The papers are so unrefined that you can see that many fibres are still intact. Hemp naturally absorbs water, making The Greens the slowest burning product in the rolling paper industry. To top it off, the hemp fibres are visible and result in a smooth, even burn.

– All-natural Hemp
– Arabic gum seal
– Available in sizes: 84/26 , 98/26 , 109/26
– Slowest burn
– Visible plant fibres


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With stores from coast to coast our brand continues to grow. We at Canadian Lumber, are dedicated to spreading, as well as expanding a unifying, ethical, national brand. As a Canadian brand, we know the importance of setting a standard for quality and ethics in an unregulated industry such as the Cannabis and RYO industries. We strive to be both pioneers and role models in the Canadian cannabis and accessory product space. Our premium all natural rolling papers are the first step in our mission. Our mission is to bring together both Canadian businesses and customers under the Canadian Lumber Brand. A nation of Mindful Smokers.

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Guiding Our Partners in the New Green Frontier

It is no secret that the cannabis industry and those who are connected to it, are positioned to take North American markets by storm. The stigma and sanctions that surround this great product are beginning to fade. With the broad spread of legalization, companies are faced with having to navigate an uncertain and unprecedented industry.

From stringent advertising restrictions to strict regulations on sharing content on social platforms that relates to cannabis. The cannabis and accessory industries continue to face vast controversy, especially at the federal and corporate levels. Yet, there is one fact that is more than clear: there is a huge, widespread demand, both in Canada and in the United States.

As experts in the rolling paper game, we at Canadian Lumber use the resources we have to help support and help promote the success of small businesses. Which are vital to the survival of our communities. This is especially true during tough times such as these.

Looking for more information on our products and the industry? Interested in how we can help bolster your inventory? In need of advice on the rolling paper and accessories industry? If you need any other information please reach out, we would love to hear from you. A member from our team will be in touch with you.

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