Community Support & Reach

Canadian Lumber contributes to programs and groups all across Canada and the US to show support in small ways we know how. If you would like to contribute to any of these programs or learn more there are resources below for each program and initiative.

If you have a program, group, or initiative in your community that could use our support please let us know and we will see what we can do!

Cannabis Substitution Programs

Communities across Canada continue to face an overdose crisis caused by a toxic illicit drug supply and lack of access to evidence-based services. To save lives, volunteers have set up a number of support programs across Canada, including cannabis substitution programs that offer low-barrier cannabis to help people reduce their use of, or substitute for, other drugs.  As a cannabis company, we’re concerned about the well-being of our fellow peers who use drugs and praise the work that these groups are doing.

Below are some of the Cannabis Substitution Programs across Canada:

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Started in December 2017, The program was initiated by SOLID Outreach as a community, peer-based approach to supporting the health and well-being of their community of people with lived/living experiences of substance use. The purpose of the program was to test cannabis’s potential as a substitution for more harmful substances, to improve health outcomes, and reduce the risk of overdose. It is run by peers for peers. SOLID approached cannabis suppliers to enlist support for the program, and to request a free supply of cannabis. 

Poppy Trust Fund – The Royal Canadian Legion

Through your donations to the Legion Poppy Fund, the Legion provides financial assistance and support to Veterans, including Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP, and their families who are in need. Poppy Funds may be used for:

  • – Grants for food, heating costs, clothing, prescription medication, medical appliances and equipment, essential home repairs, and emergency shelter or assistance for Veterans and their families in need
  • – Housing accommodation and care facilities for Veterans
  • – Funding for Veteran Transition Programs that are directly related – to the training, education, and support needs of Veterans and their families
  • – Comforts for Veterans and their surviving spouses who are hospitalized and in need
  • – Veterans visits, transportation, and day trips
    – Accessibility modifications to assist Veterans with disabilities

And much more. You can learn more about the Poppy Trust Fund here.

Canadian Lumber is donating the supports from its discounted rolling papers to support the Royal Canadian Legion

Have suggestions for programs?

Grow groups, Creators, and more…

The Cannabis industry is a difficult place to get a start. However, we love our industry and all the people in it so if you are working in the industry creating content, or just in a solid community group let us know and we will send some love and support your way!

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