Log 008: COVID & Canadian Lumber

Written by Canadian Lumber

May 12, 2020

We wanted to take a moment to recognize the current global situation and share an update from the team at Canadian Lumber.

Being small in staff we’ve been able to make changes quickly and adapt to the new environment as best we can. We appreciate that a portion of consumption is recreational, but understand that a larger portion is medicinal and therapeutic in nature. We are listening to our customers, and working hard to keep you in supply of quality, 100% natural papers.

We are operating on reduced warehouse hours to limit our time outside of our homes. We have also limited ourselves to one person to pack and ship orders. The team stays virtually connected while working from our homes in Nova Scotia and Ottawa. For us, it is business as unusual.

With COVID taking a toll on the shipping channels and supply chains, some companies buying and shipping weekly are struggling to keep orders filled. In our favor, our approach has always been to manufacture fewer, but larger orders for the best price. Fortunately, our warehouse was stocked prior to the transportation shutdowns – we are well-stocked and shipping weekly. With products in our Halifax, Nova Scotia warehouse we are confident that we can fulfill any and all orders throughout the summer of 2020.

On a personal note, Canadian Lumber’s team morale has remained high. With plenty of Zoom, Hangouts, and FaceTime we lean on each other to stay connected. As a group, we decided to focus on the positive aspects of being home and the ability to connect digitally. We saw this as an awesome time to step up our content creation.

We have been releasing content that is non-COVID related with a strong focus on entertaining yourself with repurposed activities to include the cannabis industry. We feel that being focused only on the massive COVID coverage isn’t helpful to our Canadian brains. We hope you’re enjoying the extra (and really fun!) activities live on Instagram.

Check out our new #SundaySessions with Canadian artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other cannabis industry friends!

We do understand that this is a serious time. To be diligent about not only one’s health and sanitation but the others around them. This innate need to look after one’s neighbor should be shining through for all of us – and we are confident that it will in our industry and community.

Our condolences to everyone that has lost a loved one, or has someone close in a dire situation. To those that have closed businesses to wait this out, our thoughts are with you as well. Let’s all take this opportunity to appreciate that our natural world doesn’t see borders, to reconnect with our planet, to be good to one another.

Let’s come out of this tragedy a bit calmer, a bit kinder.

All our best… and Roll Happy,

Canadian Lumber Ltd.

Patrick Vandermeulen

Patrick Vandermeulen

CEO, COO, Canadian Lumber Limited

Diverse professional with demonstrated experience in retail go-to-market at both regional and national levels – having held leadership roles in General Management, Marketing, Product Management, IT Project Management, Finance and Strategic Planning across multiple industries.


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