Log: 004 Convenience is Key

Written by Canadian Lumber

May 12, 2020

After the first few trade shows, and events that we did handing out Canadian Lumber rolling papers, and asking you all questions on where you purchase your rolling papers we found that many if not most of the population will buy them from a convenience store. We had no idea how but we needed to be in them.


So after the first few weeks we started to inquire about getting into some local convenience stores. As you can imagine there are hundreds of them and they are spread across all the Atlantic Provinces. Many of these are independents or franchised even if owned by a chain. This made it a challenge for us.

After months of hard work from our team and some amazing support from our convenience store distributor, TRA Atlantic, we are now in all Needs convenience locations in Atlantic Canada!!


We have just been distributed out so some locations may have just set up their packs so make sure to ask for Canadian Lumber’s all natural rolling papers.

Canadian Lumber is also authorized to sell in GO! Stores, but  may not be on the shelf yet.These are convenience store locations located in gas stations across Atlantic Canada. There is one in Dartmouth on Ochterloney St & one near the end of Robie. We’re visiting  as many  Go! Stores as we can each day but if you get there before us – please ask them to bring in Canadian Lumber rolling papers!


Some of these locations are not yet carrying Canadain Lumber products but have the ability to order from their distributor so if you head into one of these locations the chances are you may need to come back unless it is one of these locations:

  • Bible Hill, NS
  • New Glasgow, NS
  • Deerlake, NL
  • Westpal, NS
  • Ochterloney st, NS
  • Young st, NS

Or one that has started to carry our products! If you stop in a Go! Store ask for Canadian Lumber’s all natural rolling papers. 



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