Log 004: When it comes to Cannabis Accessory Brands, Convenience is Key

Written by Canadian Lumber

May 12, 2020

At Canadian Lumber, we know that being a cannabis enthusiast involves quite a bit of spontaniety. Whenever the mood strikes, it doesn’t hurt to have rolling papers, cannabis accessories, and any other tools you might need readily available. We’ve heard your calls and we’re ready to answer: Canadian Lumber natural rolling papers are now available at select convenience stores throughout Atlantic Canada!

At Canadian Lumber, we pride ourselves on incorporating customer feedback and information directly into our business practices. Immersing ourselves, firsthand, in the events within our Mindful Smoker community is a habit that’s grown near and dear to our hearts – and has done wonders for our sales strategies.

As profitable as eCommerce can be for a top Cannabis accessory brand like Canadian Lumber, you just can’t beat convenience and gas when it comes to immediate need and impulse buys. As all cannabis and smokables enthusiasts know, sometimes the mood just strikes – and product retailers would be wise to acknowledge these spending habits.

Throughout our time attending trade shows and events, we generally hand out Canadian Lumber rolling papers and get to know the buying habits, consumption info, and preferences of our potential customers. We found that many, if not most, of our interviewees choose to buy their rolling papers from a convenience store. We had no idea how, but we needed to drastically increase our retail convenience presence.

So, next thing on the docket – inquire about getting into some local convenience stores. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of them spread across our Halifax community and countless more throughout the Atlantic Provinces. The challenge for us at the team was deciding which stores to pitch our Canadian Lumber premium rolling paper products to – independent or franchised?

To streamline our outreach process while also maximizing the number of stores we could get into over the shortest amount of time, we opted to go for a chain of convenience retail stores. After months of hard work from our team and some amazing support from our convenience store distributor, TRA Atlantic, we are now in all Needs convenience locations in Atlantic Canada!!

We are relatively new in terms of distribution to some Needs locations and so vendors may have just set up their packs. To all our Mindful Smokers out there, make sure you ask for Canadian Lumber’s all-natural rolling papers at your nearest Needs convenience.

Canadian Lumber is also authorized to sell in GO! Stores, but may not be on the shelf yet. These are convenience retail stops located in gas stations across Atlantic Canada. There is one in Dartmouth on Ochterloney St & one near the end of Robie. We’re visiting as many Go! Stores as we can each day, but if you get there before us – remember to ask them to bring in Canadian Lumber rolling papers!

Some of these Go! Locations are not yet carrying Canadian Lumber rolling paper products but have the ability to order from their distributor:

  • Bible Hill, NS
  • New Glasgow, NS
  • Deerlake, NL
  • Westpal, NS
  • Ochterloney st, NS
  • Young st, NS

So, if you head into one of these locations just double check with the staff about the availability of our cannabis accessories and, of course, the top natural rolling papers in Canada.

For those members of our Mindful Smoker community who aren’t near one of our convenience retailers, you can always visit our online shop.

Patrick Vandermeulen

Patrick Vandermeulen

CEO, COO, Canadian Lumber Limited

Diverse professional with demonstrated experience in retail go-to-market at both regional and national levels – having held leadership roles in General Management, Marketing, Product Management, IT Project Management, Finance and Strategic Planning across multiple industries.


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