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Welcome Canadian Lumber retailers and distributors! The team has put together a resource list filled with documents that will help you, your staff, and your customers better understand both the rolling paper industry and Canadian Lumber’s array of natural rolling papers, cannabis accessories, and apparel. Canadian Lumber Retailers and Distributors can download our resources below!


Are you a retailer or distributor looking to carry Canadian Lumber all-natural rolling papers and accessories? Let us know by filling out one of the forums below! 



The Canadian Lumber One Sheets have basic product information along with packaging dimensions. Browse Canadian Lumber’s cannabis accessories and product variations.


Info Kit

Canadian Lumbers sample package and information kit explaining the three varieties of paper blends and their features/characteristics.

Bi-Fold (EN).       Bi-Fold (FR)

Test Results (Guelph University)

Canadian Lumber had their all-natural papers tested at Guelph University to be sure their papers not only met, but exceed Canadian standards.

Test Results 


Looking for more information on Canadian Lumber products? Want to promote Canadian Lumber at your shop? Need to get some Canadian Lumber in your store?  Reach out below!

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The Canadian Lumber One Sheets have basic product information along with packaging dimensions. Browse Canadian Lumber’s cannabis accessories and product variations.


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Looking for more information on the Canadian Lumbers product line? Want to know what areas we cover? Need to inform your clients and staff about the RYO (rolling paper) industry? Reach out!

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The Best Businesses are Built with Canadian Lumber Accessories, Apparel, and Merchandise

Canadian Lumber all natural rolling papers are unique within the Cannabis and RYO industries for their quality and composition. We have developed multiple resources that will help you, your staff, and your customers better understand the rolling paper industry and our premium Canadian Lumber products. Canadian Lumber Cannabis Accessories are a key addition to any retailer or distributor interested in the cannabis and cannabis accessory industries.

Our strong national brand, high quality rolling papers, and blossoming partnership network allow us to support and benefit all of our business partners. Whether you’re a small business, indie dispensary, eCommerce site, or larger-scale wholesaler, we have the supply and customer service bandwidth to keep you stocked with rolling papers.

Above we have put together some documents to ensure your retail or distribution business hits the ground running and can capitalize on selling Canada’s top all-natural rolling papers. Canadian Lumber at your Service!


At Canadian Lumber, we are dedicated to spreading a unifying, ethical, national brand in the Canadian Cannabis and accessory product space. Our premium, all natural rolling papers are the first step in our mission to bring together Canadian businesses and customers under the Canadian Lumber Brand – a nation of Mindful Smokers.

Atlantic Canada 

Ontario & Québec

Western Canada

Don't see your shop? Let us know!

Guiding Our Partners in the New Green Frontier

It’s no secret that the Cannabis industry, and all those related to it, are positioned to take North American markets by storm. The stigma and sanctions surrounding this great product are beginning to fall away and, as legalization continues to spread, companies are faced with navigating an uncertain, unprecedented industry.

From heavy advertising restrictions, to strict regulations on the type of Cannabis-related content that can be shared on social media platforms, Cannabis and its accessory products continues to be a controversial industry – especially at the government and corporate level. However, there’s one thing that’s crystal clear: there is widespread demand across Canada and the United States.

In addition to being experts in the rolling paper game, we at Canadian Lumber use our resources to help promote the success of the small businesses that keep our communities afloat, especially during hard times like these. If you are interested in how Canadian Lumber can help bolster your inventory, need advice on the rolling paper and Cannabis accessory industry, or want to provide us with feedback, please fill out our cannabis accessory retailer or distributor forms at the top of the page!

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