The Woods – 1.25 w/ Tips – Display Box (22)


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The Woods - Display Box (1.25 w/ Tips) - Canadian Lumber Unbleached Rolling Paper

The Woods unbleached rolling paper is made from all-natural wood pulp. one of the thinnest wood pulp papers on the market (12.5 gsm). The intact fibers also allow this paper to be durrable and keep its natural brown colour.

The display box comes with 22 rolling paper booklets in a retail-style box. These booklets are 1.25 (1&1/4) in length and come with tips and the reversible tray package. All Canadain Lumber 1.25 booklets come with the revisable tray package which can be flipped and folded on the creases to create an on-the-go tray!

With the wood fibers being extremely thin and unrefined, the Canadian Lumber Woods have been pressed into our thinnest paper.  At 12.5 gsm this is one of the thinnest wood-based papers on the market.  Our process allows for the natural brown colour of the raw wood to come through in the papers without adding dyes or chemicals.  If you want the 'classic' joint look and feel, you’ll enjoy life in The Woods. Check out our other Display boxes for other options of paper type like 100% hemp, and 50% Flax and 50% Hemp!

Canadian's have been chopping trees and rolling logs since the birth of our Nation. Keep the tradition rolling with Canadian Lumber by sharing your roots @CdnLumber

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