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Canadian Lumber has released two new additions to our growing collection of branded rolling trays, the all-new Etched Log rolling tray and the mini Lil' Red rolling tray. After dropping both trays, we thought it was only fitting to launch the all-new Essential Kit 2.0. Included is both new trays, your staple Variety 3 pack of 1.25 All Natural Rolling Papers, and new merch; sticker sheets & pins, also recently dropped this past year.

Etched Log Rolling Tray:

Roll up on the historic rings of a Canadian Red Pine, native to the Canadian forests. The Etched Log Rolling Tray is the third addition to our collection of branded trays, featuring a red pine native to the Canadian forests. So, you can show your heritage and love for Canadian forests with this 100% tin Etched log rolling tray.

Lil' Red Rolling Tray:

Need a second section in your set up? Look no further, Canadian Lumber has created the ultimate mini rolling tray. This Lil' Red Rolling Tray has Canadian Lumber's big axes and bold red mirroring the BIG Red, released a year prior, with colours pulled from the Canadian Flag. Additionally, the Lil' Red will fit in most standard medium-sized rolling trays allowing you to add a second tier to your storage and accessories collection no matter what brand.

Like our other trays, both the Etched Log & Lil' Red Rolling Tray are 100% tin and dishwasher-safe. The rounded corners with additional height make getting every last piece of material that much easier while keeping the mess inside.

We created the Essential Kit 2.0 with the perfect combination of items to make sure you are truly lighting up the Canadian way. This kit has everything you need to store, prepare and consume your materials.

Variety 3 Pack:
- Woods 1.25 Rolling Papers with tips
- Greens 1.25 Rolling papers with tips
- Hippys 1.25 Rolling Papers with tips

Get all the newest essentials with the new Essential Kit 2.0:
- Etched Log Rolling Tray
- Lil' Red Rolling Tray
- Variety 3 pack of 1.25 All Natural Rolling Papers
- New Canadian Lumber stickers & pins


Click the following links if you are interested in finding out more about Canadian Lumber products or our story and how we want to contribute to Canadian heritage.

Canadian's have been chopping trees and rolling logs since the birth of our Nation. Keep the tradition rolling with Canadian Lumber by sharing your roots @CdnLumber.

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