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Spring is here and so is the all new OTG Log Rolling Kit. It's the best time of year for outdoor activities, exploring, adventures, and more. Rolling on the go can get difficult & messy at times. So we have created the perfect kit to ease and simplify this process! Whether you are hiking, fishing, sightseeing, at the beach, around town, BBQ'ing, relaxing on a patio or _________, this kit has got you covered.

The OTG Log Rolling Kit features our all new mini Lil' Red Rolling Tray, perfect for rolling on the go. Our premium Barrier Bags (large 1/4) to keep your dank concealed, protected, and fresh no matter what you are doing or where you are going. A 3 Pack of 1.25 All Natural Rolling Papers with tips, to keep the good times rolling. Terpene Infused Artisanal Hemp Wick for lighting up the day. As well as our all new Canadian Lumber sticker sheets in both red and clear (total 16 unique stickers). The best part, in celebration of our anniversary, you can get this dope kit for an insane deal at 35% OFF. 

Lil' Red Rolling Tray:

Need a second section in your set up? Look no further, Canadian Lumber has created the ultimate mini rolling tray. This Lil' Red Rolling Tray has Canadian Lumber's big axes and bold red mirroring the BIG Red, with colours pulled from the Canadian Flag. Additionally, the Lil' Red will fit in most standard medium sized rolling trays allowing you to add a second tier to your storage and accessories collection no matter what brand.

Like our other trays, Lil' Red Rolling Tray is 100% tin and dishwasher-safe. The rounded corners with additional height make getting every last piece of material that much easier while keeping the mess inside.

Variety 3 Pack of Rolling Papers:

- Woods 1.25 Rolling Papers with tips
- Greens 1.25 Rolling papers with tips
- Hippys 1.25 Rolling Papers with tips

Get all the OTG Log Rolling Necessities now:

- Lil' Red Rolling Tray
- 3 pack of 1.25 All Natural Rolling Papers
- 2 Premium 1/4 Barrier Bags
- Artisanal Hemp Wick
- New Canadian Lumber stickers & pins


Click the following links if you are interested in finding out more about Canadian Lumber products or our story and how we want to contribute to Canadian heritage.

Canadian's have been chopping trees and rolling logs since the birth of our Nation. Keep the tradition rolling with Canadian Lumber by sharing your roots @CdnLumber.


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Weight 22.70 g
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 1.7 cm


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