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THE ESSENTIAL KIT 🍁 πŸͺ“ by Sarah the Budtender is the 3 pack of The Woods 1.25 all-natural rolling papers with tips, terpene infused Canadian-made hemp wick, and our Red Tray.

The perfect combination of items to make sure you are lighting up the truly Canadian way. This kit was put together by @Sarahthebudtender and in purchasing these items you support her and the hard work she puts into the cannabis community!

The Woods are Canadian lumbers all-natural wood pulp papers. One of the thinnest wood-based papers on the market this paper is perfect for the extra damp materials. We have an unrefined paper process that allows the wood fibers to stay intact which allows the paper to be durable and maintain a consistent burn.

Artisan Hemp Wick is made in Quebec by another budtender. While this product is new it is very exciting and still a home project for this passionate cannabis entrepreneur.

The Red Tray is our branded rolling tray. Extra thick, dishwasher safe, and a bold red so you won't lose it amongst all your things!

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