Dope Dad’s Rolling Kit


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The perfect Fathers Day Cannabis gift: Time to appreciate all the Dope Dads out there or ones who are looking to get into it! Get your father figure something they will REALLY love this year. If cannabis is in your Dad's "toolbox" give him something he can really add to his box of "tools".

We put together a kit to help them to get started, or add to their collection filled with items they definitely don't have:

Terpene (Linalool) Infused hemp wick from Artisanal Hemp Wick made in Quebec, with a Canadian Lumber branded Toker Poker - a lighter multi-tool that will blow your mind! A big red tray to keep all your things on and of course a Variety 6-Pack of Canadian Lumber 1.25 all-natural rolling papers.

A Total Value of +$60 can be yours for $45. Get your dad the best Fathers day cannabis gift from Canadian Lumber.

Canadians have been chopping trees and rolling logs since the birth of our nation. Keep the tradition rolling with Canadian Lumber by sharing your roots with us @CdnLumber. We are always looking for ways to improve our products so if you have any feedback please let us know below in the comments.


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