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Another high-quality cannabis accessory from Nova Scotia – The DoobTool Cannabis Multi-Tool is an all-in-one cannabis accessory providing you with all the essentials to store and prepare your cannabis. Brett the founder is a close friend of Canadian Lumber and is always bopping around the city on his bike or skateboard looking for an adventure.

Designed with the active cannabis user in mind, if you’re hiking, camping, relaxing at the beach, or just running around town; the DoobTool Cannabis Case & Multi-tool is there to transport & prepare your cannabis products on the go. You’ll never have to fool around with makeshift tools and cases that weren’t meant for Cannabis.

The Doobtool comes with a grinder card, scissors, a brush, poke, a roach clip, and more! It is the first and last cannabis preparation tool you will ever need! With plenty of variations of peration this is the perfect set of tools for an on-the-go consumer!

Canadians have been chopping trees and rolling logs since the birth of our nation. Keep the tradition rolling with Canadian Lumber.

If you are interested in learning more about DoobTool or their products check out their website! 

If you are looking to carry Canadian Lumber products in your store do not hesitate to reach out here!

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