Pre-Rolled Cones Bulk (1000) – SUB Q.C. (Not Sealed)



Canadian Lumber produces bulk pre-rolled cones for a number of Licenced Producers across Canada and which requires strict quality control. Lately, we found a non-sealed bunch and we have them available for you at an extreme discount!

This batch of Bulk Pre-Rolled Cones did not pass our Quality Control because they are the Arabic Gum seal was not pressed closed. There are 1000 pre-rolled cones and roughly 60% are sealed while ~40% require a quick lick to complete the Arabic Gum seal.

SEE PHOTO 3 for example of not sealed cone.

Instead of tossing these cones away, we thought we would pretty much give them away to anyone interested! Grab this perfectly good Pre Rolled Cones for literally pennies a Cone! These are the same pre-rolled cones that have passed all our other testing. If you would like to find out more about our papers and the process we put our papers through click here. 

Candian's have been chopping trees and rolling logs since the birth of our nation. Keep the tradition rolling with Canadian Lumber by sharing your roots with us at @CdnLumber.

We love hearing what you think about our products and so do others! So please let us know if you like our products, or if you believe we can improve below!

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Pre-Rolled Cones Bulk (1000) – SUB Q.C. (Not Sealed) – 84/26 (sm), Pre-Rolled Cones Bulk (1000) – SUB Q.C. (Not Sealed) – 109/26(M)


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1000 All Natural Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones. Produced for LPs across Canada some production runs do not make it past our Quality Control. Instead of tossing them, we figured you may want them for pennies a cone!

DISCLAIMER: Cones vary in quality and numbers 1000 Pre-rolled cones ~50% sealed.

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