Big Red – Rolling Tray (Medium)


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The Big Red Canadian Lumber Tray is to show your not only Canadian Pride but love for the Lumber. We put together this vibrant tray for you to show off your sleek accessories, and hold all your loose product. With the large axes and strong Canadian colouring, your Big Red Canadain Lumber tray will surely stand out from the rest.

Canadian Lumber created this tray with the true Canadian in mind. Pulling colours from our nation's flag and our authentic Canadian axes you are truly representing the Canadiana Brand. The tray is perfect for preparing all your materials or used as a separate clean surface to roll on. Still thicker, more durable, and dishwasher safe, Canadian Lumber never sacrifices quality for anything. We create products for the Mindful Smoker.

Exclusively on the Canadian Lumber Website until November 2020, we are hoping to get these trays into retail stores across Canada.

If your shop is interested in carrying this or other Canadian Lumber products, please reach out here.

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Weight .138 kg
Dimensions 27 × 16 cm


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