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Canadian Lumber's Best Rolling Paper Pack - the 6 Pack with Tips - 6 booklets of all-natural, unbleached, and unrefined rolling papers.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canadian Lumber has released the all Canadian Variety 6-pack of unrefined rolling papers. The best rolling paper pack Canadian Lumber has to offer yet! With each of the three different types of Canadian Lumber rolling papers in the 6 pack: The Greens, The Woods, and The Hippy you are able to experience all three unique pulp blends.

The Woods are unrefined all-natural wood pulp. For the smoker who enjoys a thin but yet durable paper, The Woods offer an all-natural brown colour paired with a thin yet durable paper.

The Greens are all-natural unrefined hemp. The unrefined hemp fibers remain intact and are extremely clear in this paper; absorbing moisture, slowing the burn, and keeping the paper rigid.

The Hippys are a combination of all-natural flax and hemp. This pulp creates a paper similar to a rice rolling paper. The Hippys are soft to the touch while having a slight texture that increases the ease of rolling.

All of the Canadian Lumber rolling papers are all natural even the seal is made from 100% Arabic Gum sourced from a conflict-free trade company in Africa.

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6 Pack – 1.25 w/ Tips – Woods, 6 Pack – 1.25 w/ Tips – Greens, 6 Pack – 1.25 w/ Tips – Hippy, 6 Pack – 1.25 w/ Tips – Variety

1 review for 6 Pack – 1.25 w/ Tips

  1. Dan (verified owner)

    Really enjoying all 3 styles of papers. Cheers

    • Canadian Lumber

      Thanks Dan!! Appreciate your feedback!

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