Learning to Grow: Series 1

Written by Canadian Lumber

March 15, 2021

Prep & Learn to Grow – Series 1:

Hippie Chronicles Outdoor at Home


The warmer weather is coming and we here at Canadian Lumber are excited to get GROWING! With so many different ways to grow and all the different techniques, we decided to start asking around and looking for some tips and tricks to get started.

This week we have Undercover Hippie to share some of his home growing insights. 

Check out his page here and give him a follow! 

About Undercover Hippie

One of our day 1 supporters and from our home province this individual loves to spend their time learning to grow and photographing their beautiful babies. A true and kind Canadian, Undercover Hippie has always shown us so much support. We hope we can do the same – check out their page here:

Where to Grow?

If you’re planning to grow outdoors it’s wise to check your provincial & local laws. Some areas have tighter regulations when it comes to growing at home, you don’t need those problems (but check with your landlord or lease if you are renting).





In my opinion, picking a location for your grow outside is mostly based on 3 things:

a) The amount of time the area has sunlight throughout the day.



Percentage Sunlight

b) Are my plants going to be fighting the wind to stay upright all day.


c) Last but not least, how secure is my garden. you don’t want uninvited guests coming to ruin your hard work. mostly people but animals can cause some damage as well.

Environmental Hazards


You need very little when purchasing supplies for growing outdoors.

Rough Budget


Choosing a seed bank & genetics – there’s a ton of options for seedbanks & genetics, everyone has their own opinion & experience. My best advice is to invest some time, do your research… seriously read reviews, ask Reddit!


2.GROWING MEDIUM (Soil, Hydroponics, etc.)

Choosing a growing medium comes down to personal preference as well. The only thing I will suggest is using a soil that is not chemically enhanced.




3. Pots / Buckets

I started with 5Gal buckets & drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. it really doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive just make sure it’s clean. 

A note on nutrients:

 I only started purchasing nutrients when I felt like I had a grip on what I was doing. This is where choosing the right growing medium becomes important…. a bit of research goes a long way especially if you’re on a budget! This could turn into a bottomless pit 🙁

Undercover Hippe- @Hippie_chronicles

Closing Note:

Remember growing cannabis at home doesn’t have to be rocket science!  Keep it simple, fun & to make things easier on yourself keep notes!

Share Your Growing Tips

We want to know about your home grows! Send photos, videos, or stories to @cdnlumber or email us at

Happy Rolling,


Canadian Lumber Team & Undercover Hippie! 

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