Hiking with Cannabis – Get the most out of your experience
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November 4, 2020

Fall Hiking is here.  Let Canadian Lumber Heighten your Hiking experience.


There is a chill in the air and the bluestones, boots, and toques are all coming out. With many Canadians already hitting the trails we wanted to make sure Canadians are getting the most out of their hiking experience. Canadian Lumber has you and your hiking squad covered with an essential line of accessories to add to your hiking kit.

Hiking is a great way to connect with nature and disconnect from the stress of work, politics, and society in general. Indulging in cannabis while on your favourite path is a great opportunity to heighten this connection with nature and focusing on your current environment, but we have some tools and tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your experience and consuming responsibly.

The Woods Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers made from natural wood pulp, out in the wilderness

Cannabis hiking TRICKS AND TIPS

PREPARE – To get the most out of your hiking experience with cannabis make sure like any hike or adventure you go prepared. Bring water and warm clothes to make sure you stay comfortable, there’s not much worse than being uncomfortable, exposed to the elements – and high. Pre-roll some joints so you can just whip them out and spark them up. Best case you have extra pre-rolls for your hike in case you need an extra boost or you break one!

EARN YOUR BURN – This is something at Canadian Lumber we like to live by.  Earn your burn means you have put effort into preparing yourself for your consumption. This can mean walking to the top of your trail and burning there, or sparking just before you enter – your long preparation has earned you this burn.

After earning my burn I always appreciate and enjoy the experience so much more knowing that I have achieved some progress. I am able to fully connect with my surroundings and achieve the mindfulness I look for when consuming cannabis. – Zach Fraser, Canadian Lumber

COMMIT – You have made it outdoors, now commit to being there. Leave your stressful thoughts at home and enter the natural world. Put your phone down and start to look for things you haven’t seen before and you will be surprised at the beauty you pass every day.

HIGHKING is our activity of the month so we encourage you to share your adventures with us on our social @CDNLUMBER so we can share all the beautiful Canadian landscape and amazing hiking trails it has to offer.

Best Rolling Papers for Hiking

My experience with hiking and cannabis has really helped me appreciate the little things. With no time to slow down these days, even when I’m hiking I have the urge to go, go, go, finish as fast as I can, but when I’m ‘high’-king, I’m in no rush, I’m able to take in my surroundings and just be. The papers match the vibe too, all-natural, even, and a slow burn. 

Core Budz – @CoreBudz

THE OTG Collab Kit

Canadian Lumber worked with a collective of other brands to bring you a discounted kit for summer 2020 allowing you to take your cannabis supplies On the Go. The OTG Collab Kit is perfect to bring your cannabis accessories hiking or on any outdoor adventure. With products from brands like Toker Poker, Skosha, The One Hander, and Artisan Hemp Wick.

With GLASS TOOBS for your joints from THE ONE HADNER along with their trusty handed rolling device allowing you to roll even with frigid fingers during those cold Canadian days. The Canadian Lumber SMELL PROOF BAGS help keep your stash sealed and covered in the plaid and wood print packaging. 

The TOKER POKER is one of the most essential cannabis tools. The ultimate lighter sleeve multi tool. This pairs ever so well with the terpene infused HEMP WICK wraps perfectly around the Toker Poker allowing for a seamless lighting experience. Topped off with stickers and a 6 PACK CANADIAN LUMBER all natural rolling papers this is a bargin.

Share Your Adventures & Tips

Send us a Direct Message, Email (, or drop a comment below about your hiking adventures with cannabis! We would love to share any insights, stories, or images! Tag @cdnlumber in your adventures on Facebook and Instagram or check us out! (link below)

Share Your Adventure

We want to know about your outdoor adventures with cannabis! Send photos, videos, or stories to @cdnlumber or email us at

Happy Rolling,

Canadian Lumber Team



    Thanks a lot for posting, it was quite helpful and told me quite a bit

    • Canadian Lumber

      Anytime! Hope you have some great hikes in the future!


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